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LUDO Table of Contents


Fee Schedule

Chapter 1 Introductory and General Provisions

Chapter 2 Development Approval Procedures

Chapter 3 Zoning


1 Introductory Provisions

2 Timberland Resource (TR)

3 Exclusive Farm Use - Grazing (FG)

4 Exclusive Farm Use - Cropland (FC - F1, F2, F3)

5 Farm Forest (FF)

6 Agriculture and Woodlot (AW)

7 Public Reserve (PR)

8 Rural Residential - 5 (5R)

9 Rural Residential - 2 (RR)

10 Rural Residential - 1 (1R)

11 Suburban Residential (RS)

12 Single-Family Residential (R-1)

13 Multiple Family Residential (R-2)

14 Residential - High Density and Professional Office (R-3)

15 Limited Commercial (C-1)

16 Tourist Commercial (CT)

17 Community Commercial (C-2)

18 General Commercial (C-3)

19A Rural Service Center Commercial (CRS)

19B Rural Community Commercial (CRC)

19C Rural Commercial (CRE)

19D Water-Oriented Tourist Commercial (WOCT)

19E Water-Oriented Commercial Recreation (WOCR)

19F Marine Commercial (MC)

20 Light Industrial (M-1)

21 Medium Industrial (M-2)

22 Heavy Industrial (M-3)

23A Rural Community Industrial (MRC)

23B Rural Industrial (ME)

23C Marine Industrial (MRI)

24 Estuarine Natural (EN)

25 Estuarine Conservation (EC)

26 Estuarine Development (ED)

27 Conservation Shorelands (CS)

28 Marine Rural (MR)

29 Water Impoundment (WI)

Overlays and Supplementary Provisions

30 Floodplain Overlay (FP)

31 Zero Lot Line Residential Development

32 Supplementary Provisions for Natural Resource Areas

33 Beaches & Dunes Overlay (BD)

34 Shorelands Overlay (SO)

35 Supplementary Provisions

36 Supplementary Provisions - Estuarine and Shoreland Areas

Review Procedures

37 Nonconforming Use

38 Zone Change

39 Conditional Use Review

40 Variances

41 Temporary Use Permit

42 Template Dwellings in the AW Zone

43 Approval of Nonresource Dwellings in FG, FC or FF Zone

44 Division of Nonresource Lands in Designated Resource Areas

45 Farm Related Dwellings in FG, FC and FF Zone

46 Administrative Variance - Temporary Use of Mobile Home

47 Administrative Variance - Minimum Parcel Size

48 Limited Maintenance and Repair Facility

49 Restricted Maintenance and Repair Facility

50 Destination Resort

51 Mobile Home Parks

52 Administration and Enforcement

53 Zoning Text Amendments

Chapter 4 Land Divisions

Chapter 5 Planned Development

Chapter 6 Quasi-Judicial Plan Amendment

Chapter 7 Addressing Program

Chapter 8 Citizen Involvement Program

Chapter 9 Cultural and Historic Resources Conservation

Chapter 10 Real Property Compensation


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