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    Library Futures Task Force
  Task Force Advisory Board Members include:
View of Douglas County Library
  Canyonville City Rep.   Linda Joyce
  Canyonville Alternate   Frank Braudt
  Drain City Rep.   [vacant]
  Drain Alternate   [vacant]    
  Glendale City Rep.   Bryan McNutt
  Glendale Alternate   Gail Pritchard
  Library Foundation Rep.   Gary Waugaman
  Library Foundation Alternate   Joe Coyne
  Library PAC Rep.   Bob Bell
  Library PAC Alternate   James Williams
  Member at Large   Pat Fahey
  Member at Large   Linda Middlekauff
  Myrtle Creek City Rep.   Gail Black
  Myrtle Creek Alternate   [vacant]  
  Oakland City Rep.   [vacant]  
  Oakland Alternate   [vacant]  
  Reedsport City Rep.   DeeDee Murphy
  Reedsport Alternate   Jonathan Wright
  Riddle City Rep.   Amy Jensen
  Riddle Alternate   Jeri Sabol
  Roseburg City Rep.   Lance Colley
  Roseburg Alternate   Brian Prawitz
  Sutherlin City Rep.   Richard Troxel
  Sutherlin Alternate   [vacant]  
  Winston City Rep.   Dave Cunningham
  Winston Alternate   [vacant]  
  Yoncalla City Rep.   Doris Bartlett
  Yoncalla Alternate   [vacant]    
  Douglas County Commissioner   Gary Leif
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Task Force Meeting Information

2017-09-25 Library IGA status
2017-09-13 Meeting Minutes
2017-09-13 Meeting Audio
2017-08-29 Meeting Minutes
2017-08-29 Meeting Audio
2017-08-24 Meeting Audio
2017-08-10 Meeting Audio
2017-08-03 Meeting Audio
2017-07-27 Meeting Audio
2017-07-21 Meeting Audio
2017-07-17 Library IGA Status
2017-07-13 Meeting Audio
2017-07-03 Library IGA Status
2017-06-29 Meeting Audio
2017-06-22 Meeting Audio
2017-06-15 Meeting Audio
2017-06-08 Meeting Audio
2017-06-01 Subcommittee Meeting Minutes
2017-06-01 Meeting Minutes
2017-06-01 Meeting Audio
2017-06-01 Meeting Agenda
2017-06-01 LFTF Model Library Budget
2017-05-31 Library IGA status
2017-05-25 Subcommittee Meeting Minutes
2017-05-25 Meeting Audio
2017-05-25 Library IGA status
2017-05-19 Meeting Minutes
2017-05-19 Meeting Audio
2017-05-19 Meeting Agenda
2017-05-19 Funding Subcommittee Meeting Minutes
2017-05-17 Library IGA status
2017-05-12 Meeting Minutes
2017-05-12 Meeting Audio
2017-05-12 Funding Subcommittee Meeting Minutes
2017-05-05 Meeting Minutes
2017-05-05 Meeting Audio
2017-05-05 Meeting Agenda
2017-05-05 Josephine Community Library Presentation
2017-05-05 Josephine Community Library Presentation 2
2017-05-05 Funding Subcommittee Meeting Minutes
2017-04-28 Meeting Minutes
2017-04-28 Meeting Audio
2017-04-28 Meeting Agenda
2017-04-28 Funding Subcommittee Meeting Minutes
2017-04-19 Library IGA Status
2017-04-14 Subcommittee Meeting Minutes
2017-04-14 Meeting Minutes
2017-04-14 Meeting Audio
2017-04-14 Meeting Agenda
2017-04-13 Update-Clarification of Branch Operations
2017-04-07 Meeting Minutes
2017-04-07 Meeting Audio
2017-04-07 Meeting Agenda
2017-04-07 Funding Subcommittee Minutes
2017-04-04 Oregon Public Library Data 15-16
2017-04-03 Library IGA status
2017-03-31 Meeting Minutes
2017-03-31 Meeting Audio
2017-03-24 Personnel Model Cost Calculator
2017-03-24 Meeting Minutes
2017-03-24 Meeting Audio
2017-03-24 LS&S Presentation Douglas County OR
2017-03-24 Library Staffing
2017-03-24 Library District Budget
2017-03-24 Library Budget
2017-03-22 Douglas County Library Fact Sheet
2017-03-17 Meeting Minutes
2017-03-17 Meeting Audio
2017-03-17 Douglas ESD Presentation
2017-03-16 AWE Learning Machines
2017-03-10 Meeting Minutes
2017-03-10 Meeting Audio